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Dubai 15 hr layover

Anyone have any suggestions on where to stay and what to do for a 15-hr layover from 7pm to 10:30 am in Dubai in April?

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The Holiday Inn Express is an inexpensive hotel near the airport that you might consider staying there. You might be able to arrange a tour of the city in the evening as soon as you arrive/

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DD and her friend had a similar flight layover last year. They stayed at the Oberoi. Not cheap, but lovely. If you don't land til 7, then have to do immigration and retrieve luggage, you won't have much of the evening left by the time you get to the hotel. And you'd have to be back at the airport by 7:30-8:30 the next morning. That's really only enough time for dinner and bed. But I think the Dubai Mall is open late. It's huuuuuge.

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I can't tell if this option is open to you, but if one of your flight legs is Emirates, you could consider upgrading to Business Class. This would (... check before you pay) admit you to their vast (about as big as the entire Charlotte, NC airport terminal) lounge level. It has about five, entirely separate hot and cold buffets, showers, massage chairs, and napping (not, I think roomettes .... ) areas.

If you are asking about the city itself, it's a disappointment, and I wouldn't bother trying to visit it at night. (I'm not a shopper, by the way.) Opinion.

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Not a late-night city. Some airlines allow an extra day or two stopover, which would let you get a sense of the place in daylight. Plenty of duty-free shopping at the airport, by the way (you can Google to see the shops) and that includes a huge selection of duty-free booze, available both on arrival and departure.

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Dubai is dull, there's nothing there other than a glitzy overpriced shopping mall, a couple of water parks and loads of shiny new skyscrapers.

I'd do what another poster has suggested and upgrade to business class. You'll enjoy a much better flight experience overall and the cost incurred might potentially be the same as you'd pay for an overnight hotel. Take advantage of one of the best airport lounges in the world and while away those hours at your leisure and in comfort.