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Digital Nomads


I hope all is well.

I plan on living in Spain for a year and was looking into a digital nomad job.

Is anybody out there a nomad or has any ideas where to start researching?

I ask because the only job idea I have for Spain is teaching English, and although it seems cool I'd like to have a job that makes more money. I plan on traveling all over and don't want to have a limited budget.

Happy travels.

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do you know that you posted this in the Beyond Europe bucket; I might have thought Spain or Tech might have been better fits.

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Seems to me that anybody savvy enough to want a 'digital nomad' job would know where to start researching.

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Unless you have an EU passport, you'll need a long-stay visa if you want to remain in Spain (or in any combination of the Schengen Zone countries) for more than 90 days within any rolling 180-day period. Those visas are neither easy nor quick to obtain. You'll need to show substantial financial assets, proof of medical insurance and probably a lease for the period you plan to remain in the country. Those visas are not really intended for folks who just want to travel around.

Wanting to work there is a major complicating factor.