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Credit card question on Uber

I have never used Uber before, but will do so on my future trips, Great Britain and South America.
My question is do I need to contact my credit card company that I will be abroad if using Uber?
Thank you for helping a technologically challenged senior.

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You should always let your credit card/bank know about expected use outside of the country otherwise they may think it’s fraudulent activity and block the transactions. My bank (USAA) and my backup bank (Wells Fargo) allow me to do this online.

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Even if you were not using Uber you should always notify your bank before traveling abroad if you intend to use your debit or credit card. To echo the previous post my and most of the major banks now allow you to simply log into your account to create a travel alert listing the countries that you would be visiting and the time frame so you don't have to call them

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I can be contrary, I stopped notifying my cards long ago, and never have issues with them blocking the card. At least two have told me they do not need to be notified. If they have a concern, or their algorithms detect fraud, they call or text. Some of this is due to the advent of the chip, they know that the card was present, and assume you were as well. Since my primary card is PIN priority in addition, it is also much more secure than the typical chip and signature.

Specific to Uber, your card for payment is in their system. The driver never sees it, or even knows what card you use. The transaction is processed from a central facility, it could be in the US or anywhere. I am in Portugal now, the Uber Transactions show from Amsterdam, so notifying your card that you will be in Portugal really does not help.

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Yes also similar to the above poster nowadays whenever I book a plane ticket the credit card company tells me they know when I am leaving the country and coming back and that there is no need to put in a travel alert. The airline sends that info to them. But in your case Michelle I would put in a travel alert

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I've never used Uber, but my understanding is the same as Paul mentioned. Users of the service need to register a credit card with Uber, and each purchase is charged via a central payment system. I don't think the drivers ever have to see a credit card as it's all done via the App.

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Thanks for all the comments. I went onto Uber to put in my credit card. There was an option to use PayPay. I went with that option.
Thank you for your help.

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I used Uber in Mexico city recently without notifying my bank. No problems at all.

It's not a bad idea to let them know. When traveling I always have a backup CC or two in the event one of them gets a block

Also at least 1 visa, 1 mastercard to be sure