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Costa Rica Tours

Has anyone done a "Senior Tour" in Costa Rica? Thinking about going to Costa Rica, and are unsure of where to go. We are active 60+ year olds.

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We just returned from Costa Rica. We did not do a tour and are not seniors. However, we spent 4 nights each in La Fortuna and Manuel Antonio. If you do not have to do a tour, you can kind of set up your own tour. All of the hotels work with outfitters that do day tours. There are small tour vans everywhere. Pick what you want to do and just get a tour for that day. To get from one area to another, we used Morpho Vans and they were great and cheaper than renting a car. It is very easy to set up your own “tour” and the transfers between areas were very easy as well. Let me know if you have more questions.

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I went to Costa Rica (at about your ages - BRAVO for you) I was on a Gate 1 tour - so you can look at their itinerary on their website
Several of us (in your age bracket) had no problems at all seeing all the sites, doing the hikes and walks. No altitude problems -

You can get some ideas by looking at their itinerary - it was a wonderful cross-section of all the popular things to see and do in Costa Rica
Happy Travels....

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Assuming you're going with a spouse... a great trick to having a nice itinerary for the tour would be to join honeymoon tours. They usually got all the nice destinations in those trips and it'll be kind of a 2nd honeymoon for you guys.

Anyway, if that assumption is wrong, definitely try Cahuita, which is great for a bit of hiking and relaxing swimming, Arenal Volcano of course, Manuel Antonio has some gorgeous sceneries, and if you're trekking to Arenal Volcano you can stop by Tabacon hot springs. Not sure if you'll like Puerto Viejo because it's packed with young tourists and partying kids. For other leisure, my parents love going to casinos so we found them some for every main stop we had ( while the rest of us enjoyed quiet relaxing nights at a nice hotel.

How long do you plan to stay there anyway?

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Been to Costa Rica several times (mainly in and around Manuel Antonio and Quepos), and while I didn't go on these tours myself, I lined up my parents and some friends' parents with Iguana Tours and they were able to put together itineraries for them. They enjoyed em a lot, and it worked out well despite their being varying degrees of how active anyone wanted to be. For instance, you could do a relaxing mangrove tour in a small boat, or up the activity factor by doing it self-propelled in kayak. Nature hikes, water rafting trips, sunset boat tours were all options.

If you're for a nature approach, I'd highly recommend a private naturalist. With Manual Antonio national park, for instance, I'd see individual tourists and tour groups walking by, unaware of what was around us in the park. The naturalist guide I hired, though, he had a keen eye for spotting sloths, monkeys, birds, reptiles, and all manner of stuff I'd have never seen on my own. They also have digital telescopes to help you see things up close, and get pictures it'd otherwise be impossible to get.