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Colombia, need some assistance

Need some guidance. I'm headed to Colombia (Bogota) for a wedding (Mid April), However, I'll be in Colombia for long enough to go see another location while there -- What would you recommend?

My focus is on landscape and history

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I was there on a tour in December. You can't go wrong in the coffee triangle (gorgeous scenery and quaint towns). I liked Cartagena as well. Architecture amazing, totally different vibe than rest of the country, plus Caribbean climate. Medellin is in a beautiful setting and much has improved there over the years. Only trouble is that you generally need to fly to these places. It's a big country with mountains in the way! Good luck. It's a country well worth visiting

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We spent two weeks in Colombia and booked through a Colombian agency: Colombian Way. Their website is very comprehensive and will give you a good idea of the options. It takes a little longer to get there, but we really enjoyed the archeological sites near San Agustin.


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Medellin or Cartegena. Cartegena being on the Caribbean coast will be hot and steamy most likely. Medellin is in a mountain setting.

Internal flights are generally cheap - I paid <$50 per flight - this was a few years ago.

You definitely don't need a tour - easy to do on your own - but do need to have some basic spanish to make it easy to get around.

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We lived in Cali a couple of years, but I'd follow Arnold's suggestion--Medellin for mountain scenery and beautiful flowers, or Cartagena for some history and the beach. Have a great trip.