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Chinatown , NY City

For your delectation , another of Michael Kimmelman's great essays on different neighborhoods in New York City . This one contains a virtual panoramic stroll on Doyers Street ( I can taste the dimSum at Nom Wah right now } Grab your chopsticks and have a look !

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Great article and reconstruction (although the graphics take a bit of time to load). I remember Nom Wah too! My good friend from Queens took me there for dumplings. NYT has done a great job showcasing the architectural and historical features on the city's many neighborhoods - I've enjoyed reading them all very much.

I've read that SF's Chinatown is really hurting and deserted - I imagine the one in NYC is more frequented by locals (than tourists), so it has a better chance to bounce back (assuming it hasn't lost the local clientele). Any thoughts?

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Restaurants in Chinatown typically have small dining rooms and the governor has made business that much more difficult for restaurant owners In NYC by only allowing 25% indoor capacity. Only today did the governor threaten to get rid of all indoor dining next week. So Chinatown to say the least is hurting with so many restaurants now forced out of business.