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Central Europe for 2 weeks??

Sorry, it is me again. I posted earlier that I wanted to go to Tuscany in October but read that is rains a lot then. I then looked at Central Europe and read it doesn't rain that often during September and October. I posted this in the Prauge section thinking it would get the most activity. I plan on seeing some other countries as well. I am thinking about flying into Prague and taking trains to: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Krakow. Is two weeks enough time to see these cities. Should we cut out Bratislava, I heard 4 hours is enough. When is a better time to go, September or October. My dad can only take time off this time of year from work. Thanks!!! What else should we see along the way??

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September may be a bit warmer but I think early October would be nice also. Yes two weeks is enough time, that's about the amount of time I spent visiting those five cities last summer. I would start in Prague, then Krakow, then Vienna and end in Budapest if flights would work out for you that way. Bratislava is an easy day trip from Vienna or as a stop between Vienna and Budapest. I did it as a day trip from Vienna and it was just a short visit of a few hours but that was enough to get a taste of it. I enjoyed it. In fact I really enjoyed all of these cities but Budapest was my favorite of them all.

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First I am curious. Why are you posting your question under Beyond Europe? September is warmer, October weather is usually still good. Are you going this year? You could encounter some problems with transportation because of unprecedented migration to Europe from Syria and Africa.

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Ditto - Central Europe is not "Beyond Europe". There's been heated discussion here over the years when people have referred to these locations as "Eastern Europe".

Krakow and Budapest are your furthest apart points here. You would do better, with less transit time and expense, to have those two as the starting and ending points.