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Catalina Island in February

I will be in southern California in February and am thinking about spending a couple of days on Catalina Island. I was hoping to take a car ferry from San Diego and then returning on a car ferry to LA. I can't find any info on car ferries. Does anyone know if that is a possibility? Also, any info on Catalina Island would be helpful.

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There is no car ferry service to the island - It's pedestrian only from several locations around Southern California. This blurb from USA Today may be of interest:
Winter crossings can sometimes be an ordeal if you time it wrong and catch a winter storm, and there's usually a deep southwest swell that will cause the ferry to rock and roll ... not a pleasant experience if you're at all prone to seasickness, so do check the weather forecast before committing to a particular date.

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Just a quick note - make sure you take a warm jacket. It gets quite cold out on the water at that time of year. Personal experience from a guy who spent more time on the water down there than in college.

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Not much to do there. Avalon is very small. They have a zip line, some water boating excursions, diving and a Jeep tour. I have no idea if any operate in February. I think there are some hiking trails as well.
The weather is a roll of the dice. It can be raining, windy and cold, or it could be hot. The chances of hot weather isn’t good. There is a better chance that it will be rather cool.

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having been to Catalina Island many times since I reside in Southern CA I must say there isn't much to do. There are no car ferry services just boats that take passengers. you can rent a golf cart on the island but you can't rent a car or take one there. Honestly I would just take a ferry early in the morning and return on the last ferry. there are four different points that you can take a ferry Dana Point would be the closest to San Diego. You can take the ferry there early in the morning and return to Long Beach with the last ferry of the day, that way you will be close to LA. Please remember we do not have good public transportation in California, a car is a must unless you are using UBER and Lyft. While February can be warm, it can still be super cold on the island and the main land, especially after sundown. Catalina Island has one main road. It has it's shops and restaurants and you can do nature hikes, canoes and boat rides, snorkeling. I would say a day in Catalina Island is sufficient unless you want to really enjoy the scenery.

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I agree with the previous posters. No car ferry. Enjoy Avalon, but not much to do there that time of year. Sadly, you will not be there during the Catalina Wine Mixer. 😀