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Cannabis Tourism in Oregon?

Hi Rick and Rick friends - I know this isn't the main purpose of the site but I figured people here might have advice and opinions about weed-based tourism in the Pacific Northwest. I live in Seattle but the laws here aren't quite conducive to actual vacation tours and packages - I think Oregon might be more like Colorado with more developed packages. I'm planning a guys' weekend this summer - maybe with some fishing? Any leads welcome.

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I have no personal knowledge of this topic, but I do know that the industry is very new here and the infrastructure like tours is probably still in development while they work out the retail sales system and the regulations applying to them. You'll definitely have an easier time finding a fishing guide. I'd advise staying in the Portland area and plan a trip using good resources like and use Google to find your own cannabis resources. Good luck!

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Hi Jneisuler,
To provide some insight on the different laws in each state.

Washington has tours available and Cannabis friendly B&Bs. There are no public lounges available for consumption, and smoking in public is prohibited. With that being said, there is a small fine for consuming in public, under $40 and most people using their judgement are not at risk.

Oregon has a few tours available and they are just starting to warm up. There is public consumption allowed, with one Cannabis club open called NW Cannabis Club. I'm not sure what the tours availability are, they are still in the infancy of legalization. There are Cannabis friendly B&Bs available here as well. Oregon has the best laws for Cannabis events, keep your eyes on them.

Colorado has a large number of tours available, the two best seem to be Colorado Highlife tours and My420 tours. There are lots of Cannabis friendly B&Bs here, but there is only one smoking lounge to my knowledge, located in Nederland. Colorado also has seen a pushback against large Cannabis events such as the Cannabis cup.

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