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Cancelled trip to Europe, now looking for things to do in NY

Hey all,

As already posted earlier on, I was thinking of cancelling my trip. Now I actually decided to - sadly. But! Chin up, we still have three weeks off.
We're a family with 2 kids aged 6 and 9. We're thinking of spending some time in New York (where we're from) and some short trips outside the city.
I'm really curious how you would approach this!
So how do you look for things to do in your own city? We're passionate about history and food, and of course, want our kids to have fun.
Same question for outside of the city - how do you approach this? Both for day trips and multi-day trips.

Super excited to hear about how you approach this.

One final note - COVID-19 may be a terrible thing happening, but it doesn't mean that we should give in and be pessimistic as well.

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I don't get it. Why is NYC or DC or any other city a better choice than Europe? Taking public transportation? Why? Maybe we should all stay home long enough to allow things to be sorted out. It's not giving in and being pessimistic. It's about doing what is best for everyone.

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Actually, most of Europe was a Level 1 before they closed it all up because the borders in Europe could not be secured. New York is also a Level 1. So unless you were planning on going to a hotspot in Europe you have replaced one Level 1 with another Level 1. That being said, almost in jest, Its a good idea. If you wanted to try and mimic some of what you are missing in Europe, look at Quebec City. Its as European as you can get over here. Prices are reasonable too.

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I agree, I live in NYC and right now it really is not the time to plan a vacation here. They have been saying, avoid crowds and this city has massive crowds, museums, subways, etc. Why not wait and see how it goes but planning any vacation to a city is not the best vacation right now.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Frick Museum are closed. More are sure to follow.

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All of Broadway theaters ( until 4/12 ) , City Center , Carnegie Hall , Lincoln Center Venues , closed . Virtually all museums - i.e. NY Historical Society , Neue Galerie , Metropolitan , Whitney , Morgan Library , etc. are closed until further notice . Even New England museums - Clark Art Institute , Rockwell , etc , also closed

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You have 2 school- aged children!? In Washington State where I teach elementary school ( as well as ever more other states and large school districts) we will now be away 6 weeks. Families are scrambling for child care and we need to provide " feeding stations" to pass out sack breakfasts and lunches. My bank is going to be closed except if by appointment for special services, and all seasonal events in my tourist town whether indoors or out are cancelled. My family has to cancel our multi- state reunion. Most of my friends' with children have had to cancel their spring break plans- Hawaii, Disneyland, etc. Will our local hospital be adequately equipped to deal with what is ahead? This isn't pessimism, it's the reality to which we all need to adjust for some time.
The point of a state of emergency, now national, is to NOT travel around- anywhere! I will give up going to the gym...Enjoy family walks where you live, play lots of games, cook and bake, read together to discover where you want to travel when you can again- keep yourselves and your children healthy and just revel in being well and together, including planning that celebratory trip when life returns to normal...

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Well stated.
To be fair to the poster, I think the reality of this is changing daily , even for those of us in the midst of it. I feel for you in Seattle. I am in NY City where from Friday to Sunday, the restrictions have grown massively. And some of our businesses and work places still have not gotten the message !!!!

in my opinion, best thing to do is to educate yourself about signs and symptoms and what your TRUE RISK IS.
If you are symptomatic and not in a high risk group OR EXPERIENCING respiratory distress, it is most likely you will be miserable for a few days and recover. Stay away from people.
Everybody: Observe the self-isolation as much as possible. Stay in. Avoid crowds. Stay on the Couch.

I am listening to the news ONCE in the morning and ONCE at night. Drip by drip information is panic inducing.

My ex-husband sent me the meme " Your parent's generation went to war. You are being asked to stay on the couch. You got this". Yes, the reality is worse than that, but it put it in perspective. I do feel for those like yourself who are facing real upheaval.Am very glad my job is salaried and my son is not school-age.

Abraham is right- we cant give in to pessimism but let's refocus our optimism on haow to help other now and resolve to plan trips to Italy, Seattle etc when they are ready to receive us.
Take care.

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I am optimistic about our future. I am 72 and healthy, but am staying home and only going out for key items when needed (Pharmacy or food). Today, I did a lot of yard work and plan to read, then enjoy Netflix in the evening.

Local schools are closed and almost all restaurants only open for takeout.

We only have one case in our Coastal Georgia location, not fatalities. Still, no need to push it.