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Canada - Niagara Falls

Hi Travel Forum!
I'm excited to join the Forum.
You man not have an answer for me, although I wanted to try and see...
I'll be traveling by myself to Niagra Falls and have been researching, unsuccessfully, to locate a hotel on the Canadian side..
Any suggestions.
Thank you!
C. Briscoe

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Hi C. Briscoe, and welcome to the forum.

I don't have an answer for you, though I could certainly point you to some resources where people typically go to locate and book hotels.

However, it would help to know more: when are you going, for how long, what's your budget per night, what kind of accommodations are you open to, will you have a car, how close do you want to be to the falls?

And when you say you have been researching unsuccessfully, it would be good if you could share where you've looked already so we don't give you useless advice.

It's a good group of friendly, helpful people on this forum, but our ability to help depends on having enough information to start off with.


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Niagara-on-the-Lake is a much nicer town very pretty, and with bus service to Niagara Falla. I think even a taxi would not cost much. Check out the hotel situation there.

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Hello Forum,
Per your request, the following are my plans for Niagra Falls:
1. Departure this month (Sept) for 2 nights, single room - preferred rate $70-$90 per night USD
2.Hotel near the Falls
3. Preferance for a hotel vs motel without an outside room entry - no car requirements
I've researched Expedia and
Hope this will assist and thanks again.
C. Briscoe

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I suggest going to I just did a trial (picked a random date in September for a two-night stay) and it came up with quite a few options in your price range. You can apply various filters to narrow down your search.

A lot of people on this forum will agree that is an website for finding lodging.

Good luck!

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The flat rate taxi fare from Niagara Falls to anywhere in Niagara-on-the-Lake is 40 CAD. Last month, a driver told us it was 55 CAD. It is not. The "bus service" requires using the WeGo bus as far as the floral clock, a different WeGo bus on into Fort George in NOTL, then a free shuttle (or walk - it's not far) to downtown NOTL. Each WeGo has a separate fare. As I recall, one is $7 and one is $8, so $15 for the trip, and it takes at least three times as long as a taxi because the NOTL shuttle only runs once an hour and not in the evening. NOTL is a gorgeous spot, but the hotel prices tend to be high.

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Thank You!

Now, has anyone stayed at a nice and fairly inexpensive hotel on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls recently.

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sheraton on the falls is on the Canadian side and I stayed 4 nights there during August two summers back. The price was a little over $300/night. be careful as there are two sheratons one is AT the falls - that one is on the U.S side, you want Sheraton On The Falls - Canada side. The wego bus will take you to the last stop before reaching the small town of Niagra on the Lake, but you would need a seperate ticket to get to the town. Staying at the Sheraton - they will give you a free pass to use the bus for every night of your stay. if you get the view side, it's amazing. There is a buffet with the view, well worth the price, the food is really good and the view is incredible. have fun..

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We went to the Canadian side of the falls a couple of years ago, stayed at a Best Western Plus Cairn Croft. Not right on the falls, about a mile or so from the falls. Rates were in the $50s CAD, via Priceline, interior access to the rooms. Very decent for the $$. The closer you get to the falls, the more you'll pay. The entire Canadian side is very family friendly and safe, Tim Horton's is open 24 hours even. It is deceptively walkable, you'll walk 2 miles because it's 'just over there', but a gorgeous area- been a Canadian park for 100 yrs.

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3681 posts also has Canadian listings at The Falls. Or you could check the big casino hotel, Fallsview, operated by Hilton. The Canadian side has a more panoramic view of the two falls and a historic if occasionally honkey-tonk tourist industry.