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I love Canada. I returned from Vancouver and Vancouver Island recently (third trip) and it was gorgeous! The exchange rate is fantastic too. I used the free parks pass to visit some parks (Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Fort Langley, etc), which was an added plus. I think a trip to Canada can rival a trip to Europe anyday, especially if you like the outdoors and mountains. Canada is stunningly beautiful.

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I, too, love, Canada. We lived in BC for a couple of years and visit at least twice a year or so.

Happy 150th to our neighbours up north. O Canada!

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We watched all the celebrations in Ottawa, where it was pouring rain, and it was fun to watch. Now I am thinking " that's enough flag waving for the present, please". Now we can get back to being quietly Canadian and quietly happy to be so.

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Our local celebrations were a wash - rain for the first time in years. Fireworks are still a go tho, so at least we get something (unless rain or fog comes along).

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The weather held for us. We had a BBQ and it threatened rain all day but it never materialized til we were coming in to watch the TFC game anyway (crap game). Now our company is gone and we are trying to stay awake for our city's fireworks which will be visible from the backyard.

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That was lovely. Thanks for the smile. And thanks for being a good neighbor.

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Canada is great. I especially enjoyed Vancouver and the amazing Canadian Rockies (Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise).
The people are friendly and the American dollar goes a long way.

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Thanks for the good wishes from our neighbours!

There was lots going on here on Canada Day. In addition to a big annual ceremony with all the usual local dignitaries, we also have the 33rd annual Funtastic baseball tournament happening this weekend, with teams from all over B.C. and Alberta (and possibly a few from the U.S.). The event includes rock bands and beer gardens in the evening so it's a "fun" weekend. The hotel and restaurant owners are really happy! I didn't attend any of the mid-day ceremonies as it was too darn **hot* (about 97F at suppertime), but I did go to the fireworks event in the evening. There was also a big sky diving event happening this weekend, so lots going on.