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Can we safari in Kenya and Tanzania in September 2020

We have a safari arranged to start September 7. After flying into Nairobi we are to visit the Masai Mara area, then into Tanzania for a total time of about 14 days. The safari company is acting as if there is no problem and that we can do the safari as planned. We think that is because they are not in the position to refund the deposits they have received and in turn paid to the camps. It is impossible to contact the camps to see if they are open as they only deal with the safari companies. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Where is the safari company from? Right now, Tanzania is open to US tourist no restrictions but Kenya is closed. But who knows about September?
I am not American, so a little rusty. Don't you also have to be allowed into the country where you transfer flights? What's your routing?
Having travelled Tanzania during the ebola crisis in 2015, your assumption may be correct. Can you try to change things to a Tanzania only trip? If you can get to the top of the Serengeti you should see the herds, maybe some river crossings.

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Don’t want to be a buzz kill, but the obvious question is do you feel safe on a flight that long? If you contract COVID what are the health care facilities like at your destination? Do you have medical coverage? Nobody likes to lose money but IMHO your gambling with your health.

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September is just over a month away, and I suspect you could have problems travelling to Africa at this time, especially as some countries are starting to see an increase in Coronavirus cases. With the long flights there and back and transiting several airports, you may also be putting your health at risk.

Have you tried contacting the safari companies or whomever you booked the trips with? The official U.S. government website for both countries states "Do Not Travel".......

Travel against official government advice could have implications for your travel medical insurance, so it would be prudent to check that.

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From the land, they might not see a problem to provide the safari. Tanzania has been 83 days since a positive case. Kenya, however, still has active cases and deaths daily. Realistically, it is in congested Nairobi but that is where the airport is.
My question is how you will get through the flights and connections? Have you checked withnuour airline whether this is even feasible?
Personally, I would look to either drop Kenya, or rebook. Perhaps if you can offer a clear rebooking date, it might be more easily accepted.

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Of course in an ideal world they would cancel the safari and refund your deposit. But they may not have that ability if that deposit has already been passed on to the camps, who may have spent it, etc...
Any chance you booked this a while ago ( pre-Covid) and have cancellation insurance? Has your airline said your flights will go ahead? Do you have any insurance on your credit card that you booked with?

I would be inclined to try what Maria suggests and see if they will rebook you for another year.