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California Wine Country Fire report

Please think good thoughts for the wine country in California and the Santa Rosa area. Major wildfires have hit the area. At this time an estimated, 70,000 acres and 1500 homes have been burned and containment is 0% or very low. At least one winery and a Hilton hotel have been destroyed.

High winds took small fires and turned them into firestorms. Unfortunately a real danger in California in October.

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Update -- at 11 p.m., 79,000 acres burned, 10 people dead, 20,000 people evacuated (including 2 of our daughters who got out at 3 a.m. and are staying safe with a friend) Smell of smoke noticeable 60+ miles away. And the fires continue.

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thanks barbara for your post. I live close to area and it was a smoked filled day this morning with the smell of smoke outside my door. It's is so sad to see the devastation and loss to all involved. My friends live in Glen Ellen that have had fire damage but so far their house is standing with lots of ash throughout there yard with the fires continuing and high winds tomorrow. Hoping and praying for all people involved trying to help in whatever way they can.
Aloha Princess Pupule

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HI my relatives north of Santa Rosa in Redwood Valley were able to return to their homkes- the lucky ones had homes still standing...Santa Rosa is reported to look like a war zone. Scary and Sad for all especially the kids who got evacuated in the middle of the night and even experienced an earthquake.

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I grew up in Santa Rosa and many of my friends have lost their homes. The pictures and accounts are devastating. This is just unprecedented. So many stories of heroism; so many people helping each other. It really has brought out the best in everyone but it will be a long road to recovery.

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Having spent many quality hours in Napa and Sonoma counties, I see the reports and feel horribly sad for everyone in the Great Bay Area and hope the fires will be controlled and contained sooner than later.

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Very good friends and former neighbors lost everything. She had just returned from a 10 day trip to Italy with her Dad.. The pictures were still in her camera, lost in a he fire. I'm thinking I can come up with a photo album of their trip with the help of other RS travelers.