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Cairo - Transportation from Cairo airport to downtown / Hotel Suggestions

What are the options to get from the airport (around 10PM) to downtown Cairo? If possible do you know the approximate costs? Any suggestions for a hotel downtown. I hope to visit this January 2019. Many thanks for your help!

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When I first visited Egypt over 30 years ago my taxi ride from the airport was the most frightening event in my entire life. No kidding, there were no red lights at intersections and whoever arrives first and honks has the right of way. My driver was very aggressive and we had so many near collisions that I was so glad to safely arrive at my hotel on the Nile.

Not sure if that is still the procedure today.

Hiring a limo or even riding on a large bus would be safer.

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I removed something here that was going to take this thread off track. Thanks for keeping it about the question at hand.

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I booked a shuttle that never arrived so took a taxi by was helped with the female English speaking tourist agent. The taxi stand is away from the front drive so a little disconcerting. It isn, far but will take a long time. At 4pm it took 3 hours due to congestion. It was really cheap given the distance. 7 years ago was $17US equivalent. Regardless of mode, it may be slow even at 10 pm. Taxi was fine. All traffic is stressful
I will also recommend using several travel forums particularly ones with current, local input.
We used the Hilton down town and another near Pyramids. The Fairmont near the airport was cheap and fantastic. Huge luxurious rooms and an oasis from the craziness. If an early flight out, stay near hotel.

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We stayed at the Cairo Marriott. It is a quiet oasis on a small island, minutes from the city centre. I noticed quite a few embassies on the island. It has a casino, should that be of interest. If I am remembering correctly, it was originally built for royal personages attending the inauguration of the Suez Canal, so remnants of that era luxury still exist. Plus......there is a swimming pool. The Royal Personages did not have that amenity.