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Cairo sightseeing

Heading to Cairo, Egypt next month what's some other good spots to check out outside of the pyramids, also what's the general safety of the city like my family is flipping out alittle about me going there

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Check out the Egyptian Museum of course but check out a guide book

and on the internet to see what strikes your interests.

Just avoid areas where you see large group demonstrations of some kind
There are almost no traffic lights; observe and follow the way the locals cross the street
If you are female and taking the metro solo, ride in the car designated for females otherwise you may get groped. This happened a couple of times to two women in my crew when we where in Cairo 2010

Read the US Government Travel advisory

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Take one of the four day cruises from Cairo to Luxor. Absolutely fabulous.

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I quite enjoyed the Saqqara pyramids. Very interesting pyramids, you can go inside them and see the original carvings still very well preserved, and significantly less crowded than the Great Pyramids (not that those are too busy nowadays.)

As far as safety goes in Egypt, do not be afraid! As with all countries, there are bad parts and bad people you need to watch out for. But most Egyptians, and most places in Egypt, are safe. As a tourist, the only thing you really need to be worried about is pick pocketing.