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Cairo Day Tours


Can anybody be recommend a reputable company that does day tours? I’ve checked Urban Adventures and one of theirs seem to run on weekends in 2020.

Also, Viator is just a middleman and not the actual company providing the tours. I prefer to book directly with the company and not a middleman.

Has anyone used AirBnB Experiences?

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We have never been let down by Viator. Be careful who you book tours with in Egypt. Make sure they are highly rated.

Personally, I would never do AirBnB in a country like Egypt. The country has some security issues as it is. Better to stay in a four or five star hotel.

Also, dining should not been in just any restaurant. Best to only dine in four or five star hotel or highly rated restaurant.

Yes, don't drink the water in Egypt, except bottled water.
Before you get in a taxi have it registered with the hotel. Have the hotel call your taxi, don't just pick one from the street.

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Are you wanting group day tours or private bespoke?
I was there in 2011 and the guide I used is still working and still getting 5 star ratings. I would recommend Rasha el Alshmawy at Egypt Daily Tours dot com . I used her for a day trip to Alexandria, as it wasn't on the longer group tour I was booked on, and I hired her driver for half a day to drive and escort me around the Pyramids. He didn't guide, but I was hoping he would be a bit more of a buffer to the hawkers. They weren't too bad, but he certainly wasn't the body guard I hoped for. Good driver though.
I originally found her on 'Tours by Locals' website. It used to just list the private guides in an area, but now it seems to give sample tours to consider as well as reviews and photos. As a solo woman traveler, I wanted a woman guide and also wanted a local woman's perspective on the country. We had 2 long drives to and from Alexandria, so there was ample time to get to know each other a bit and get details from a woman's perspective.

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You can check Memphis Tours. I used them in 2011 for a Nile cruise and they were excellent.
We had a knowledgeable tour guide for the 3 days, the service was excellent and the price reasonable.
They do day tours in Cairo.

Like MariaF, I too used Rasha for parts of that trip and I can recommend her. She is an excellent person to show you around Cairo and
she made our trip so much more fun and exciting, not to mention less challenging :-)