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Bringing food into Belize

We leave for a family trip to Belize in a few days and can’t find a comprehensive (current) list of what we are allowed to bring with us. We would love to bring jerky, crackers, fruit leathers, etc. any help would be great!

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I can't speak specifically for Belize, but in a very general sense, Meat, Fresh Produce, and fresh dairy are usually problems. The concern is the transfer of disease, bacteria, insects, and other invasive species that could devastate crops and livestock. Anything that is processed and heated during processing is usually OK, so crackers and fruit leathers are OK, the Jerky maybe, if it is packaged, then probably OK. The other category of products that cause issues is Alcohol and Tobacco, but that is a Tax issue, not a safety issue.

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I recommend posting on the TripAdvisor Belize forum. I was surprised how much fresh commercially packaged meat was allowed into Grand Cayman Islands.
Commercially packaged are the key words.