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Boston and Titian

If anyone is headed for Boston between now and New Year , this show at The Gardner Museum is a must ! This is the last stop after The National Gallery ( UK ) and The Prado - As well , since one of The Danae is in this show , some helpful information here -

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This is a remarkable, must-see exhibit. It took great effort to gather the 7 paintings together, them having been spread around the world. If I recall correctly, even Philip II, who commissioned the pieces, never saw them together. We saw the exhibit in March 2020, in London, and the show had just opened at the National Gallery. A small number of people were in the small room, no masks, no 6-foot spacing, but then the Pandemic shut things down. The National Gallery was closed for some time. I’d wondered what effect that would have on the exhibit, and whether the proposed future locations would be delayed or wouldn’t have the show. Good for the Gardner Museum, and good for anybody who can see the Titian works. The short film preceding the paintings was very worthwhile.

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We're very interested in that show, and the Boston art museums generally, having not been down there since before Covid. We'll go for sure if the Delta infestation lessens somewhat; otherwise, very regretfully, probably not.

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Thanks for posting this, steven! We are planning a road trip to see my in-laws in Providence. Might have to detour to Boston. I've always wanted to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. Plus we just watched "This is a Robbery" on Netflix, a movie about the paintings stolen from the Gardner in 1990.

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Yes, the Gardner museum is a must, with or without the Titian. One of my all-time favorite museums. I took my cousin, who is not even an art lover, and she adored it too.

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Thanks for sharing! I’ll be in Boston in October and this museum was on my maybe list, but has now been bumped up to my must-do list!

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I was just in Boston last week. The Titian exhibit was beautiful! The Gardner museum itself was still fairly crowded despite timed entry tickets. By comparison, The Fine Arts Museum was uncrowded but there were lots of exhibits closed for renovation.

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Was in Boston a couple of years ago and likewise would definitely recommend the Gardner Museum to anyone who hasn't been already!