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Best Wishes To Our Canadian Friends

Terrible news and aftermath for the people of Nova Scotia. I have a friend who lives in NS. Naturally, before everything came to an end, it was really scary over the weekend. Sadly, the gunman took lives deliberately and then at random including a RCMP Constable.

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My sympathy and condolences to all Canadian cousins. Especially to anyone directly impacted. I feel your pain. Next week 24 years since a madman did a similar dastardly act in Hobart. Juxtaposition with our Queen who will turn 93 on the 21st. Opposite ends of humanity.

I grieve with you. Ron

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Ron, The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 -- A sad and horrible motivation and background of events leading up to the massacre.


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I am paying my respect to people of Canada. I also have relatives there as well as a good friend -- people there were very scared this past weekend. At the time, no one knew if he was acting alone or had others who would continue for him.

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A number of regular posters here are from Canada, as are a lot of folks who take Rick Steves tours. I join Girasole's expression of sorrow and sympathy to them.

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"Sad though this event is, it’s not travel related - see the last post from the Administrator requesting that posts are just travel related, which this isn’t!"

Jennifer, let's not try to do the Webmaster''s job for him. If he thinks the topic is out of line, he will delete it. I believe there is a tolerance for some threads not directly travel related. How about all the threads giving well wishes on holidays? Or checking the welfare of missing forum members?. We've seen similar threads after other tragedies. I trust that you don't want the forum to lose its humanity and just turn into a facts only site.

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Thank you Girasole for posting this.
This news made me so sad.
My deepest sorrow for everyone that was affected by this evil.

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We hope to travel again to Canada in better times, as well as to Australia/Tasmania/New Zealand, a trip that got postponed way back in the ‘90’s. May better times and circumstances open borders sooner as opposed to later. Best wishes to everyone, everywhere.

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Thank you to everyone who wrote positive sentiments. My intentions were very sincere and punctuated even more because of my personal connection to Canada.

As Jane mentioned, we have many posters who come from or live in Canada. A lot of us travel to Canada. I think it was CJean who mentioned about humanity.

I honestly don't see anything wrong with being kind, expressing a bit of kindness, good wishes and empathy. Life is way too short as we see and hear everyday. It is a small World as I have learned and seen over the years.

We are all in this together. I have a few friends who are nurses -- one has tested positive. She and her husband are keeping the Faith. She is home in quarantine of course.

Uplifting a person or persons, treating people with kindness and caring has no race, nationality, gender, religious, political, financial, state or country restrictions.

Also, I don't know if anyone has been able to reach out to Nicole P of Truro. I admit I have not and just recalled she lives in NS. (*edit: I do see Nicole P online. I just read a thread about "National Tea Day" and she posted on it.)

My friends in different parts of Italy are doing okay. They are hanging in there.

Anyway, have a nice day. It is sunny here, birds are chirping, a soft wind is blowing encouraging wind chimes to play their tunes, plants and flowers are peeking through.....

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Yup - I'm here.

Portapique is a short 30 min drive away, and there were one or two people killed in Debert, which is even closer and where I have some friends.

One lady killed worked at the Women's prison, where our next door neighbour works. One poor woman in Wentworth was out for her daily walk and was just killed at random. A man went to see if his neighbour's needed help as their home was on fire (the correctional officers) and was killed.

Two of my niece's children lost an aunt and uncle (it was the sister and brother in law of the father of two of my niece's three children - they aren't together). The aunt and uncle had 2 boys only 10 and 12 yrs old. It's so totally senseless.

Generally things don't get to me, but as I looked at today's paper with 8 pages of reporting, it got to be a little much. It's not something we want Nova Scotia to be known for.

And thanks for your comments to the people of our community, province and country. I didn't really want to bring it up on here on my own, but it's appreciated.

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Thanks to everyone for their support. It is sincerely appreciated. At this time, to help bring the overall focus of our forum back to travel, I'll politely close the thread.