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Best time to visit Quebec City

We'd love to see Montreal and Quebec City but wonder if there is an ideal time to visit? Or is there a time that is less expensive and less crowded? Thanks.

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October, and its not even close. You want to see those maple trees turning red.

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According to a local...
Least Busy: January, February, March April, November.

Most Busy: July August, early September

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We visited 2x. The first was during April and we did not realize it was still winter. We had a great time, but it was cold. Not crowded at all.
The next visit, two years later, was during August. So much nicer, flowers in bloom, people out and about, stalls selling food and local crafts. It was not packed, more people, but not overwhelming.

If you enjoy historic walking tours, check out They are billed as ghost tours but they are so much more. They are a historic tellings of the tales of the women sent from France as wives for the Men settling New France. The people they talk about existed. We loved it so much we took another tour on our second visit. Some people might think it cheesy, but we enjoyed it immensely.

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Our first visit was many, many years ago in May, and it was very cold. We wore winter coats.

Our second visit was about 10 years ago in July, and the difference was amazing. Comfortable temps, flowers, etc. Of course, there were tourists, but not so crowded that you wouldn't enjoy yourselves. Not like Europe in the summer.