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Best time for travel

I am planning on visiting both Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand) and Eastern Europe (Prague, Budapest, Kraków, Berlin Amsterdam). I am up in the air about dates.

My first thought is Southeast Asia sometimes between January and March about 50 days then Europe may and June.
The other option is to start in March in Asia then head to Europe then home

Other than the obvious benefit of saving on airfare when would you go.


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We just did Southeast Asia the first 3 weeks of January and had perfect weather.

Our neighbor went in April and had hazy, gray skies.

We just returned from Europe - traveling May 15 - June 19 - and could not believe how crowded places could be ! We had always loved traveling in May, but I think everyone else has found out about shoulder season !

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December - February is the dry season in Southeast Asia. It will be warm and pleasant. That's when I would choose to go.

European weather is much less predictable. Are you talking about one trip, going from Asia to Europe? How long in Europe? What savings on airfare?

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Thanks. For the information my options are Toronto to Southeast Asia and back home arond 12 weeks
Then toronto to Europe and back home
Six weeks to eight weeks for each trip
In Europe I plan to head to Amsterdam Burgess Berlin Krakow Budapest and Prague

Regarding airfare I am thinking it might me cheaper to do it as one big flight but not sure
I am more focused on the best time in each region