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Best Airline to fly to Bali

I am traveling to Bali alone and I'm slightly nervous. I have never done such a trip like this before on my own. I am looking to buy my ticket and then use points to upgrade to business or even first class if possible. What airlines could you recommend? I want the easiest transfers possible. I will be traveling in July.
Thank you.

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Actually this website is about Europe but I can share how we got to Bali. Cathay Pacific often has deals from California to Bali via Hong Kong. Best airline we've ever flown and the planes are never full leaving you room to stretch out. Sign up on their website to get notifications for deals, although that's a little late since you're leaving in July. We also almost always fly with American to Europe since we have FF miles with them and we've always had great flights. Contact the airlines directly and don't use a booking agent. You won't have any problems. Find a hotel in Nusa Dua on the beach, if you haven't done so already, and deal directly with the hotel. Happy travels.

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Thank you for your reply George. Actually the link I clicked on for the forum was beyond Europe and there are many postings re destinations outside of Europe.
I do appreciate the suhgestions.

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Where are you flying from? The "easiest" transfers and the "best" airlines will depend on that. From the US, there are nonstop flights to various Asian cities, where you would then connect to Bali. If you don't live near a city with flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., you'll have to make at least two changes.

To search for flights, use Kayak or Matrix ITA: Bali's airport is Denpasar (airport code DPS)

If you want to upgrade your ticket using points, you should not only buy direct from the airline, you have to make sure the ticket is upgradeable (these days, the cheapest tickets often aren't). If you have any trouble doing this online, you should call to book the tickets; they will charge about $20-30 for this, but it's worth it to be sure you get what you want if you can't get it online.

If you're traveling this July, you should do this ASAP.

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Flying on points will severely restrict your choices, whether it's an airline plan or some independent rewards scheme. You might get better advice here if you specify what plan will do the booking for you.

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Hello cscorsese8064,

Hope you already booked your flight. One article says that it is more advisable to book flights, accommodation, etc 8-10 moths ahead of time (not really sure if this is true) when going to Asia.

Please do tell us how it goes. Have a safe trip.