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Bermuda - stay in one location, or two?

I'm planning to visit Bermuda for a week, and hope to find a centrally located place to stay in Hamilton, which will give me access to the bus and ferry terminals. I am looking for historical locations, and there are museums in Hamilton and a dockyard accessible by ferry. However, I also want to visit St. George's at the other end of the island, which will be around an hour away by bus counting stops and walking to the station. Given that the buses stop at 5pm, is this a good idea or would it be better to stay nights in St George's if I want to explore that area?

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Are you not spending any time at the beach? If it were me, I'd split the difference and stay at a beachside resort somewhere halfway in between, Elbow Beach for example.

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Thanks for the thoughts; I'm not interested in beaches or resorts, unfortunately. Elbow Beach looks like a long way from the transport. If I could find a spot in maybe eastern Hamilton that might work. I considered Grotto Bay but it's relatively far from Hamilton and the ferry and bus terminals and I'm alone, so don't need a four-person room.

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most of the busses in fact run till about 6:30 ....some end a little earlier and some run till 9. You can rent a moped, a scooter or a bicycle and get around independently. Ferries run often and connect large sections of the island There are cabs f nothing else seems possible for you. It is a small island and getting from Hamilton to St George is not a long trip. There is a huge variety of accommodations, you are certainly not limited to Hamilton. This website has answers to everything you could want.