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Bermuda is a Welcoming Place

In the last couple of days, there has been some posts about countries that welcome tourists with open arms and Egypt was cited as one of those countries

I want to add that Bermuda is also a country that welcomes tourists with open arms. At least it did a few years ago when I took a cruise from Boston.

Bermuda is beautiful with lots to do, Wonderful beaches and I think very good golf. Very little crime and very good public transportation including ferry boats. It is comfortable and it is relaxing.

Prices are high but people are honest. You do not get cheated. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Bermuda loves tourists. They love cruisers. They love Americans. I think that American tourists including the cruisers may be the income that they depend on.

You can fly there or cruise there. If you cruise, you are possibly going to spend one or two nights in port.

Now I have not been for years, but this was my experience and if you are thinking about "where next" check out Bermuda.

A couple was on my cruise and they were telling me that they took a cab to somewhere. That I can not recall. But they made arrangements for the cab driver to pick them up and the cab driver took them home. The cab driver fed them with the best raisin bread sandwich they had ever had and then there was the home made rum.

They make excellent raisin bread in Bermuda and home made rum or some other alcohol.

Like I said if you are thinking where next, give Bermuda a look.

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Yes, Bermuda is lovely. Some of the world's best beaches, and interesting history. It is expensive, as the standard of living is high, it's a small place, and most food and everything else needs to be imported. But worth it. My view on it is not entirely objective as my aunt married a Bermudian, my cousins are Bermudians, and my grandparents lived there as retirees. I spent several awesome vacations there as a child, visiting the family. They are all gone now (grandparents and aunt deceased, cousins live in the US or UK), but I have fond memories. One thing to keep in mind, it's semitropical because of the Gulf Stream but quite far north of the Caribbean, so summer rather than winter is the beach season, although winter is nice, especially for golfers and tennis players.

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absolutely the best beach vacation we ever had. It has a very high standard (and cost) of living, so it doesn't have the poverty you see in the Carribean. No rental cars keeps the rum-soaked tourists off the streets.