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Belize Guidebooks

Headed to Belize in Feb 2016 and am looking for suggestions on the favorite books for this country. We do enjoy Rick's style of evaluation so anything close is appreciated. Also, any MUSTs for our 7 nights in country. (Have not booked any B&Bs yet so any recommendations there is appreciated)

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Hey Ed, you put Cg as your location in your profile. Where's Cg?

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Nigel and Norma... I have no idea where Cg came from so I just updated my profile. I live in Chino Hills, CA.

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I like the moon guides for that type of trip. You might want to see if they have one for Belize.

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Hi there, our family went to Belize for Christmas 5 years ago.

We stayed at the Cahal Pech Village Resort, in the town of San Ignacio. Its not exactly a resort like in Mexico, but it was really nice and had a family feel. We would walk down into the town and get some tacos or ice cream. The locals were so friendly. Didn't feel like anything "bad" was going to happen.

The hotel has different packages with different adventures. We went cave tubing, canoeing, horseback riding, Tikal Ruins in Guatamala and some other ruins in Belize. They also have packages were you stay on one of the islands. We did stay two nights on Caye Caulker. Fun snorkling adventures.

One particular outing, a dinner with a local family. in San Ignacio. This was so fun. Our driver/guide said not many people do this outing, but the few that do have such a fun experience. Our driver was our interrupter. Our oldest, was starting Spanish language classes so this was fun for her. The family talked about Belize and their family life.

We usually drive on our own when we travel. We read about the difficult roads. The main road getting to the resort was great, but the roads for all the other activites where the roughest I have ever experienced. Glad we had a driver through the hotel tours.

The only book we used was the Moon handbook on Belize.

Our family had such a good time that I know we will go back again.

Hope this information helps.

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Thanks Olga for the specific information. I shall check it out. Would you have stayed longer on the Cayes?

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Depends on what you're looking for, but you could easily spend the whole week on Caye Caulker. It's tiny, no cars, you walk (barefoot) or bike everywhere. Lots of snorkeling / diving trips available. It's very laid back. If you're looking for a place to relax & recharge, this is it. If you want something more active, maybe split your time between the mainland & Caye Caulker.

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I would recommend splitting your time between the inland area and the Cayes. While I enjoyed my time on Caye Caulker I could easily have spent much more time inland exploring the ruins or just relaxing in the jungle.

I stayed at the Black Rock Lodge ( and absolutely loved it. It was such a beautiful, relaxing place. The staff were so friendly and they were so happy to sit down and talk about their country; I learned so much more from them than any guidebook I brought with me. I also did two off site excursions (Caracol and the ATM cave) and two on site activities (a horseback ride and a night hike) through the lodge. They also offer a transfer to/from Belize City, which I used.

I also spent time on Caye Caulker. It's small, but that only lends to its charm. I took a snorkeling tour while on the island, and I've never snorkeled anywhere else quite like it.

Belize is a beautiful country and I'm sure you'll enjoy however you spend your time! It just depends on what kind of a vacation you are looking to have.