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Azores Ferry luggage question

We will be traveling on the ferry from Faial to Pico for the day then on to Sao Jorge. We will have our luggage with us and don't want to drag it around while we see some sights. Does anyone know if there will be a secure place to leave our luggage there near the ferry terminal?

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We've done this. It's so easy there. It's just a matter of letting your needs be known. Everyone is helpful. I know we left ours in Faial at the ferry terminal for a time, they just put them behind a desk or something but it wasn't all day. Things are remarkably simple in the Azores. You will LOVE your trip. They just work things out.

Our trip was about 3 years ago and I know travel there is opening up, so perhaps things are no longer so safe and sane there. Let's see what others say. .I might even e-mail a hotel that is near the ferry and ask them where one can leave luggage on a day trip. They may offer for a very small sum.

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Barbara had a great reply...I have not been to those 3 islands, but wherever you leave it, at the terminal or somewhere else, it will be safe. Email the ferry company at and see what they say. Good luck!

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Thanks Barbara and Carl. I will email them to see. I checked their Web site but don't speak Portuguese so couldn't tell if they had any info. I will email then call them tomorrow. We are so excited for our trip, my grandfather's parents emigrated to the US from Sao Jorge in the early 1800's. It will be special to see where my ancestors came from. - Sue