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Australia - electrical; adapters and voltage converters

Does anyone know about the electrical system in Australia? Daughter traveling to Aus from the U.S. and will be there for up to a year. Does she need both an adapter and a voltage converter for her electronics? Mostly concerned with phone, laptop and tablet charging. Thanks for any insight.

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Hi Linda,
Your daughter will need both a converter and a plug adaptor. We run on 240v 50Hz and our power outlets are a different shape.

Have a look at this link -

Most of the latest tablets and phones should run on both 110V and 240V, have a look at her charger it should say something like Input 100-240V 50/60Hz. If it says this then she will just need a plug adaptor.

She should be able to pick up an adaptor before she leaves home from most good travel stores or through Amazon

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Hello Linda, Baz is correct. most 'modern' equipment can often run on 110-220volts ( or similar- 230v) check the nameplate details of your equipment. If your daughter has particular equipment that must have 110v, then step down transformers are readily available from the larger electronic stores or online suppliers. (in different sizes- wattage)
If she is packing light, then similarly, plug adapters are readily available from our local large hardware store ( think home depot etc) for approx $8US
She should find that most things that she can buy in the USA are generally available here, perhaps not the range to choose from or as easily available. ( smaller stores) so no real need to pack 'everything'. depending on where she is staying, this also means heavy warm (thick) clothes, as it is typically a temperate climate, with not a lot of rain.

If you have any further questions, just ask. My daughter spent 6 great months living and studying in California.