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Looking for information on traveling in Australia. Anyone can help?

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A little more detail (actually, a lot more detail) is needed before anyone here can offer useful advice. Might suggest that you peruse a few guidebooks, put together a notional itinerary, and then return with specific questions that you may have after you've researched things a bit.
More detail regarding such things as your particular interests, the season and duration of your proposed trip, whether you'll be renting a car, etc would be helpful too.

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I'm no expert but I hear walking to Australia is impractical.

The wife and I are looking on going there next year for our 30th wedding anniversary. We looking are at tour companies -- rhodes, tauck,etc-- because are old now. Sad, I know. They do greatest hits-- opera houses and 'roos I hear.

I wish RS would do an Australia tour. Maybe if I misspell it as "Austria" he can help out, huh?

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David - I'm just mentioning this in case you prefer independent travel. Ignore if not the case.

I had several solo trips to Australia just before Covid hit. I didn't want to rent a car without a navigator, so did it all with day tours or and transport companies operating shuttle buses. There was a lot available to get outside of city bases - many more options than I typically see in the US or Europe. Flying within the country is simple, as are train routes. Within cities and even smaller towns, I used taxi and Uber as well as public transport.

You may find a tour to your liking, but I was easily able to follow through on some of my "specialized" interests that most tour companies wouldn't accommodate.

Enjoy the planning! There are so many options - I have at least 2 more trips fully outlined!

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We just completed three week trip, destinations of Sydney, Hervey Bay, Lady Elliot Island, Port Douglas and Uluru. Any questions about the above places, feel free to ask.

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We have visited Australia twice and love it.

Most of the people live on the east coast between Brisbane and Melbourne.

It is a huge country and renting a car to drive between Sydney and Melbourne would take a lot of time.

Visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and up to Cairns. If you want to see the west coast or north fly.

From these major cities look for local tours or day tours.

For Sydney, there are some great museums. Also, take a harbor cruise, visit the botanical gardens and Bondi Beach.

The Zoo is great in Sydney. Also, take a day trip to the Blue Mountains and another day trip to the wine country north of the city.

From Melbourne, take a tour that visits the Great Ocean Road and Philip Island for the penguins. It is a two day tour with one night overnight. Also, spend a couple of days in Melbourne.

Carins, visit the Great Barrier Reef for snorkeling.