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Australia and New Zealand

What is all the talk I hear about the Funnel Spider.

How often do you see these, and are they quite rampant.

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I wouldn't worry about funnel web spiders. Their territory is restricted to the Sydney area (too hot/cold elsewhere), and it's honestly been decades since I saw one. If you're concerned, just take the usual wildlife precautions - don't stick your hands (or other body parts!) in areas of dark vegetation, etc, and you'll be fine. Very few people are ever bitten, but if you are, get to an emergency department or call an ambulance. Antivenom for all Australian spiders is widely available, and no one has died since the 1970s, with the introduction of antivenom. In short, don't be concerned!

On the other hand, if you're keen to see one, I'm guessing there are wildlife zoos around where you could see one safely.