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Armenia and Georgia

I am researching a trip starting in Armenia and finishing in Georgia.
I’m looking at visiting the following cities. I wanted to understand transportation options. I prefer not to rent a car.



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I answered your pm.
While the cities offer a lot to see and experience, most of the UNESCO sites and natural wonders were in the countryside, meaning the towns were for meals and sleeping. If you can find a local tour, or day trips, or a driver and guide, you’ll be able to get to these places in both countries.

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You'll get much better results checking out a library book or getting one on Amazon. Lonely Planet has been quite helpful to me for several countries that are way outside Rick Steves' territory.

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There have been some threads about travel/transportation in these countries in the last 3 months. Do a search to see what has been posted before.

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I've been to both countries numerous times. Armenians are extremely nice and you will have no problem with transportation. You can hire a private car for a very reasonable amount and they will take you everywhere. The rates are very reasonable. They will even drive you to Georgia. I found Georgians not as friendly and negotiate everything before you hire them. Have tons of fun it is an incredible country to visit. Dilijan is one of the best. There are tons and tons of places to see in Armenia. Spend a lot of time there. The food is very delicious.

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We had the same experience enjoying the peoples of the two countries as Js4jw. And you can see how different they are if you can find Anthony Bourdain’s show. There is the old bureaucracy in Georgia, left over from the Soviets, while Armenia has been influenced by its worldwide diaspora.

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