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Argentina (yup - way outside of Europe)

I'm headed to Argentina - specifically Buenos Aires for a week of work, I plan on staying 2 more weeks and am trying to figure out an itinerary. Any suggestions?

Arrive Last week of November 2018
1 week of work (work done on December 1)

Departure date: December 15 or 16
Departure city: I'm assuming BUE (Argentina) or MVD (Monte video)
That means I have approx 13day's of vacation/travel time throughout Argentina

What i'm keen on seeing:
* Buenos Aires
* Patagonia
* Not sure what else - I'm trying to narrow this down now.

Budget? Hmmmm, I haven't figured that out yet, just know that I'm most comfortable in a 3* hotel (I love the 4* but I'm too cheap to pay for it).

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Consider flying to Bariloche, beautiful lakes, mountains. Can take the Lakes Crossing to Chile, all through both countries’ National parks.
An amazing experience. We flew there from Buenos Aires.

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The Argentinian economy has been taking a beating lately. The peso dropped like a rock and they just took a new IMF loan of $50 BILLION to try and stabilize the currency and stop/slow inflation. (Why anyone would lend to these guys I'll never know as they have defaulted on every loan in the last 20 years.) There's a chance you can afford what you want.

Take dollars. And realize you can easily become a target for theft or kidnapping. Plan accordingly. Realize there's a chance you may not be able to access your funds once in country.

Have fun.

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We loved Argentina and Buenos Aires. I would do about five days in BA. Don't miss Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay. You can take the ferry over from BA.

We did a cruise around the Horn of South America and it was great.
Here is my review of our trip:

Be sure and have some empanadas. Also, I had my best steak ever in BA.

Patagonia is interesting, you can see it if you take the cruise. Also, Mendoza is a great wine country.
Chile is great, but getting there by land is harder than you think.

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Loved Buenos Aires when we spent a week there in 2016. We didn’t run out of things to see. Maybe take the ferry to La Colonia, Uruguay for a day trip. Had we had more time we would have gone down to Patagonia. I guess while it might be possible, being kidnapped is more something that happens in other S. American countries.

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I went to Argentina in 2008 (or 2009, can't remember which). Never felt unsafe or worried about kidnapping or anything like that (then again, I did not carry any but the smallest cash on me because it wasn't necessary). Spent two weeks mostly in the northeast part of the country using Salta (beautiful colonial city) as the base, in addition to a few days spent in Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian/Brazilian border. One thing to keep in mind is that Argentina is HUGE and has different climates when you move from one region to another, so you have to be really in tune with distances, varied climates, and varied geographies.

I would highly suggest hitting the library, bookstore, or Amazon and getting a Footprint Guide (or any others you can find - I used Footprint for my planning) as your first step. Only you know what you'd be interested in (I wanted to drive through the high Andes and see smaller indigenous towns, as well as a few large cities like BA and Salta, and Iguazu Falls). Argentina has just about everything. It is absolutely gorgeous. But do the research, especially on Pantagonia which is a severe climate and you need to be prepared in terms of clothing and expectations (and that depends what time of year you're going too).

I rented a car (in Salta) and drove with two friends around the Valles Calchaquíes, and it was one of the best road trips of my life. I had to take 2 internal flights (one to Salta from BA, and another from BA to Iguazu Falls) which were quite expensive due to national carrier monopoly (this is loosening though and I believe that more carriers are either beginning to enter the market or will do so in the near future). As far as money goes, I believe that the dual currency situation is gone (there used to be one "official" currency and another "black market" currency, but I think that's long gone). When I went, I did not bring dollars, use a money exchange of any kind - I just got money out of an ATM like anywhere else. You'll need to do some research as to best strategy right now because the economic situation in Argentina has really changed (luckily for the better since their colossal crash in the 2000s which was really devastating). It's an amazing country, very affordable, and you'll get high quality food and wine. I loved the northwest parts of Argentina that I was able to see and would gladly return.

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"the economic situation in Argentina has really changed (luckily for the better since their colossal crash in the 2000s "

Argentina goes thru these cyclic destructive periods with their economy. They are currently entering another. Inflation is running 40% and targeted to get worse. The State Department is warning of riots in the big cities. Last time this happened the banks closed and you could not get cash (just like Greece a couple years ago). You want to read up on this before you get stuck in it.

I'm not saying you shouldn't go, but you need to think about what can happen if you are stuck in a country with no money.

If it was me I'd go to Uruguay.

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UGH --- my travel plans have been going bonkers these past few day's.

Unexpected changes have made my trip go from 13ish days allllllllll the way down to 5day's.

So at this point I've decided to STAY in Buenos Aires for the entire 5day's, maybe making a day trip outside the city.
So my original question is changing to:
* Now that I only have 5ish day's - what is the must see/do things in Buenos Aires.
* Remember - I originally budgeted for 13day's, so I'm thinking I can splurge a bit. Nicer hotel's, better restaurants, maybe a cool tour of the city/outside the city.

I'm really bummed, but hey - how can I be bummed? I'm going to be in Buenos Aires.