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Argentina and Bolivia in August-September?

Hi, My husband and I had planned to spend 8-10 weeks in Bolivia and Argentina in August-September. Now I am concerned that the weather around Uyuni,Lake Titicaca, and La Paz will be a detriment. I read on the forum that parts of Argentina will be uncomfortably hot. I welcome opinions and personal experiences. Thanks.

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I don't think weather will be uncomfortably hot - you're going around their winter, after all.

The main thing with some of the places you'll be visiting in Bolivia is they're all at considerable altitude, so again shouldn't get too hot. If anything, it'll get cold every single night.

Where in Argentina do you plan to go? It's a big country so a place like Buenos Aires will be quite different from an area like Patagonia or Mendoza inland at higher altitude.

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We were in Buenos Aires in mid-September 2016. In most photos I’m wearing short sleeves, but long sleeves in another. My wife had half-sleeves and even had a sweater on in a couple photos.

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Daily high temperatures are around 56°F, rarely falling below 51°F or exceeding 61°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 56°F in July.

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Hi Nancy,

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I'm planning on doing a quite a bit of exploring in Bolivia and Paraguay next summer (winter in the Southern Hemisphere) and would love to know what some of your plans are and also hear back from you once you've returned.

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For anyone coming to Paraguay please feel free to contact me here or via DM. I am residing in Asuncion and will be pleasured to help my fellow RS forum users if I can. Cheers!