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Are there any ground tours up Hwy 1 in California from San Simeon to Carmel and on to San Francisco?

A cousin from England wants to see the California Coast but I am not able physically to take him and make the drive. Are there any tours that do this for a few days and then up to San Francisco?

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I found one that kind of does this but not exactly in the way someone would do it traveling by car on their own. Also time of year dependent they either take off for Yosemite or back down the coast to San Simeon on day 3 of this 3 day tour that starts in LA. It can be booked through Viatar.

PS can someone tell me how to imbed the link into the text rather than copying and pasting the whole link?

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Globus used to offer a 3 day tour from L.A to SF (I know because they were some of the tours I first led but that was over 20 years ago.)

However, I suggest you look at

California Parlor Car Tours

They have numerous tours up and down the coast and have been around for decades.

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Caravan Tours offers an 8 day tour including Yosemite. This is a group bus tour but Caravan generally gets very good reviews and is a good value for the cost. Starline Tours also has some independent tours which might work that involve a combination of train, bus, and driver. Empire Vacations has some group bus tours as well. I think they might be the one offering the 3 day trip you linked to above. They have a 5 day tour of the coast as well.