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Appropriate attire for religious sites in the Holy Land

I've read some conflicting guidance on required attire for women at religious sites in Israel. I understand knees and shoulders must be covered.
1. Are crop pants ok, or would long pants simply be more acceptable?
2. Assume 3/4 length sleeves on a top is fine?
3. Are sandals ok (closed toed shoes are not necessary, correct)?
4. Need to bring scarf for head, correct?

Thank you for any info you can provide.

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Hi Kathy,

You are correct, just shoulders and knees (and midriffs :-). If you are sleeveless, you can use a scarf to cover your shoulders, though it can be hard to keep the scarf on while you're taking photos. Short sleeves are fine. Pants or a skirt (often cooler than pants) that reach just below the knees are fine. There are some Russian Orthodox churches (and maybe the Western Wall) that require women to wear a skirt. They will give you a large scarf to wrap around you for your visit if you're wearing pants.

In warm weather, nearly everyone wears sandals, usually open-toed. More important is that they are comfortable with thick soles, since there are lots of cobblestones. You should bring a pair of closed shoes (hikers, sneakers) for sites than aren't paved like at archeological sites and national parks.

You should bring a hat (against the sun), sunglasses and good sunscreen too. If you need to cover your head in a mosque (I can only think of one or two that are possible on the typical tourist's itinerary), your hat will do fine.

Edit: I see from another post that you are in fact taking a Palestinian tour that is mostly in the West Bank. I think you should ask your tour organizers (friends?) what would be acceptable - it's outside of my experience.

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I was there this past fall. Wore 3/4 length pants or a long skirt some people in my group wore long shorts that covered the knees. Short sleeves were OK. I took a scarf with me at all times only needed it at a mosque but in some churches it felt more comfortable to cover my hair as well but was not required. I just went with what most people were doing.