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Anyone flown Avianca Airlines from US to Colombia?

Any feedback on this airline? Thanks.

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They are part of Star Alliance. I've flown them from El Salvador to Chicago - flight was on time and comfortable. Didn't have any issues. I would say an average flight and no complaints.

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Yes, it's fine. It's no different than any other Star Alliance airline. Why do you ask? It's the oldest airline in the Western Hemisphere. It's been around since 1919. Have you looked at airline review sites?

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Thanks for the responses, and I asked the question because this is a forum for questions, and is one of many resources I like to use.

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We flew Avianca many years ago Paris to Bogotoa en route to Peru.

Going out was straightforward, but coming back was less so. once in the transfer lounge an airline representative came and gave us the following news:

"Your flight will be delayed because of a technical problem with the aircraft"
"How long?"
"Twenty hours"
"Ah. What is the nature of the technical problem with the aircraft?"
"It's in Buenos Aires".

Fortunately Avianca (presumably) didn't let us stew in the transfer lounge but took us on a tour of Bogotoa to the Gold Museum (fantastic!) and Emerald mine (expensive but good value my wife assures me) and fed us a couple of times. We just looked at it as an extra day although technically because we never cleared immigration there was no proof that we'd ever been in the country.

On arrival in Paris British Airways who were our final leg couldn't have been more helpful and said they'd put us on any flight to the UK we chose. IN the end we went to Bristol with our travelling chums and drank champagne into the night before going home by rail the next day.

So - Avianca, went above and beyond and it all worked out fine!

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Yes, it has new aircrafts, and the in flight service is very good. :)

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I asked to see if you were looking for safety statistics or if you were more interested in reviews of in-flight services. My husband flies to Latin America on business doing a circuit of several countries so he or he and I have been on most Latin American airlines and Avianca and Copa are our favorites for service.

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Skytrax, a long-established ratings service, runs this site. Frequent fliers, often on business, do contribute.
The overall rating is three stars. You will see that the first reviews on the list were very unhappy. Customers who are aggrieved are more likely to post on any forum. Further down there are some satisfied reports. I'd say "mixed reviews" sums it up, remembering that all airlines get some thumbs-down complaints.