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any travelers to Vietnam

would like any feed back from travelers who may have been to Vietnam exp... inoculations and other related health concerns. Tks Len

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I visited Vietnam and Cambodia about 10 years ago. I don’t recall needing any special inoculations but I went to our local travel clinic and updated my typhoid and cholera shots. You should also check that your tetanus/diphtheria shots are up to date ( they are good for 10 years). I also got hepatitis A shot which is good for 20 years. Now of course we have to add Covid to the mix, so you should take a supply of masks and test kits and make sure your boosters are up to date.

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We're going in a few weeks with a tour group and my husband's doctor recommended getting hepatitis A and B before going and also getting our flu shot early (we usually wait until mid-October) and getting the new fall COVID shot if it's available in time.

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I was in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia this summer and my travel clinic recommended (and I followed the recommendation) for the following: Hep A & B shots, tetanus shots, and malaria pills. I was careful not to eat street food and dine in restaurants that at least looked clean. Enjoy Vietnam!

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CDC recommendations for vaccines:

Not sure when the OP's trip is, but when I have been in Southeast Asia during mosquito season, I have been scrupulous about using repellent. Dengue outbreaks are quite common in the various countries. I actually bring Sawyer's Picardin spray with me from the US - no DEET which is my preference. It comes in 3 ounce travel sizes. There are mosquito repellent wipes also so no concern with carry-on liquid sizes.

Another link for diseases that can avoided with a bit of care:

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Not yet, but I'm going in February. (Just booked flights to and from Taipei, from which I will connect to Vietnam and Cambodia. Squeee!)

As others have said, typhoid and hep A/B are recommended, as is Tetanus (always a good idea, if you haven't had a booster in the past 10 years).

Here is the CDC list:

Like ORDtraveler, I use a picardin-based repellent, and I bring repellent wipes with me when I travel to countries where mosquito-borne diseases are more likely. I also have some insect repellent clothing and scarves.

Finally, I make sure to book accommodation that is air-conditioned or has bed nets or both. (I had a friend who died from his second infection with Dengue fever, so I take prevention seriously.)

Edited to add: my travel clinic gives me a broad-spectrum antibiotic to use if I get a gastrointestinal bug that does not improve with diarrhea medication and a bit of time (i.e. It is not meant to be used as the first line of treatment, but only if OTC treatments don't work).

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I have been to Vietnam twice and loved the food and drink. However, on a very hot afternoon, I stopped for a quick beer and it arrived at the table with an ice cube cooling it down. Too hot to think straight, I sipped the beer as the ice melted. Not long later my stomach protested. Lesson: Even though the bottled drinking water is okay, there's no guarantee on the ice.

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Thanks or bringing this up--I am going for a wedding in April 2024--Da Nang and Hoi An.

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I was just in Viet Nam this month. As others noted my doctor recommended Hep a/b, tetanus and typhoid. Since my time in the countryside was minimal he did not recommend malaria.
My sons doctor recommended the same but also gave him a prescription for diarrhea and a rehydration mix.

I had planned on getting bug spray in country but turns out I didn’t need any. We were in the central and northern parts of the country. Perhaps had we been in the southern delta area it would have been needed.

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My husband and I were in Vietnam and Cambodia for 3 weeks in 2019. I guess I didn’t think too much about it but I didn’t get any sort of shots or really took any precautions. Neither of us got sick. We knew not to eat at any of the sketchy street vendors but thinking back on some of the remote places we ate now Im kinda surprised we didn’t get sick. :) Im ready to go back!!!

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Take shots if possible.
Ice cubes from pure water is ok.
Do not use tap water for drinking!