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Alexandria ??

I will be in Cairo last week of Jan and have an open day
anyone have an opinion about going to Alexandra for a day
we will have 4 days in Cairo at the end of our nile cruise

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I have not been to Alexandria and I have been to Egypt twice. We did a Nile cruise on the second trip.

Most of the friends we know that visited Alexandria were a little disappointed.

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In what way were your friends disappointed? What expectations did they have?

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There is not much left of the ancient city. After visiting Cairo, the pyramids and the sights on the Nile River in Upper Egypt they were not very impressed. I am sure it wouldn't be a waste, but look to do site around Cairo, like the step pyramid of saqqara and all the ancient sites and museums.

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I have done both - particularly hiring a guide to take me to Alexandria after all I have heard of it...and I had visions of its ancient library. Now, the new library didn't disappoint, but I could see how some might be disappointed with it if done at the end of the lower egypt visit. (I did it first full day in country so may have been more open to what it had to offer).

One needs to remember that Alexandria was turn of the millennium - not as ancient as south, so the influence is Roman. There are a few Roman ruins, and as an ocean port it is rather pretty, but don't go expecting 'wow' moments. There are certainly better Roman ruins around.

I am not sure I have anything else to suggest in its place, except for either a revisit of something you haven't seen enough of (I went back to the Cairo Museum as it was too fast a pace with the tour, and went to the Pyramids at my own pace because I knew it would be too short on tour). There are other, older pyramids that might be of interest....or do a cooking class or just chill.