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Airport non-denominational prayer rooms in Casablanca and Cairo

I am travelling with my family, who are devout Catholics. My brother is especially devout, and tomorrow, we fly out of Casablanca. We don't have time to attend Sunday mass, so is there a non-denominational prayer room at Casablanca Airport? Also, is there a non-denominational prayer room at Cairo Airport?

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I can’t answer your question specifically, but my guess is that there are prayer rooms. I anticipate that the majority of users will not be Catholic. My suggestion is to have private devotions in hotel room prior to heading for the airport.

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Not having any personal knowledge of the two airports I thought Google might help.

I typed in "prayer room Casablanca Airport" (well actually I copied from your question and pasted into a Google tab and removed the word "at" and got:

Prayer rooms >>> AIRPORT AREA Several prayer rooms are located in both
terminals, in the public and in the boarding areas.

from the official airport webpage

then changed to Cairo

and got

Prayer room: Terminal 3, close to Gate F21 and between Gates H1-H5
Smoking room: Terminal 1 and 3