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After Basque tour

Suggestions after finishing the May Basque tour. Will have about 4 days after tour ends. Recommendation on where to go. Have thought about Madrid but maybe someplace more south. Just was wondering if anybody had some thoughts or suggestions.

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Suggest you post this under Spain. It would also help to know where your flight out of Spain departs. If you’re departing Spain from Madrid, it would be a nice place to go since one can take many different days trips from it. If you depart from Barcelona, then maybe go there are take day trips, or head to Girona, Tarragona, or Lleida. If you’re flying out of Bilbao, I suggest Burgos with Oviedo as a possibility.

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By late May it may be getting quite hot in Andalucia, but that area would make a very nice contrast with the Basque Country.

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After our tour ended (in Bilbao) we took the 3-hour high-speed train to Madrid. We didn't have any trouble filling 2-3 days there, then flew home from MAD. If you've never been to Madrid, especially, I would recommend this city over other for the ease of flying back to U.S., the time you have remaining and the sights to see. Just check the RS tour book for great sites and tips. Enjoy!

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Our last trip started in Madrid, then Basque County, then Girona, then Barcelona. Any of those extra 3 would be fabulous.

If you wanted south of Madrid, how about Granada, and its spectacular Alhambra.

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Have you seen Picasso’s Guernica’ painting, in the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid? I see that your tour is stopping in the town of Guernica, so seeing the painting afterward would be particularly meaningful.

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Where are you flying home from? If it’s Madrid and you’ve never been there then go to Madrid. Does your tour end in Bilbao? You can fly non-stop from Bilbao to Madrid for $38 on Air Europa. There’s also a direct train that takes 6h.