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African Safari for family of 3


I am looking for suggestions from this wonderful forum group regarding a 5 day photo safari tour of the Serengeti in Africa. I found a website with connections to about 145 different itineraries but they mostly sound alike and go to the same places. If anyone can offer a suggestion that would help me cut to the chase, I'd appreciate it. We are a family of three, looking for mid-range accommodations with a knowledgeable guide that will help us find great photo opportunities. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Linda M.
Rochester Hills, MI

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I went to Namibia rather than to the Serengeti area, so I can't help there, but I can help by suggesting a forum that I found really helpful for safari planning. Hope it's okay to share it here:

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I researched safari's in east Africa, specifically Kenya and Tanzania. There are many options. I found some of the tour companies that I had used before to be way too expensive.

However, I found some great choices. It came down to Good Earth Tours and GOWAY Tours.
We picked Good Earth Tours and have our safari booked for late July (we postponed it twice due to COVID).

Our safari includes Kenya and Tanzania, starts in Nairobi and ends in Arusha. It is 8 days and a private tour for four persons, costing about $4700 pp. We choose the highest level of lodging, so if you want a lower cost, that option is available.

You can find safari's were you stay in small tents and sleep in sleeping bags and those prices are very low, but that is not for us. Also, if you want the high end Abercrombie and Kent will charge you $10,000 or more per person.

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Hi, my husband and I did a safari in Kenya for 6 days in 2019 with Gamewatchers (Porini Camps). Absolutely loved them! Have booked a much longer safari with them for February 2023. They take care of everything. Glamping style tents, great food, fantastic guides and vehicles, all inclusive (vehicles, food, drinks). Safaris conducted on game conservancies adjacent to the big parks - which really has its advantages, much fewer vehicles (4 jeeps watching a cheetah and her 4 cubs, as opposed to 20 vehicles jockeying for position in Masai Mara Park watching 1 leopard). Check out the Gamewatcher's website. If your not sure one of their safaris is quite right, they do "bespoke" tours. Just tell them what you want and they will work it out with you. They will have one of their US reps work with you. They will also book trips to Serengeti, in fact they have a 5 or 6 day Tanzania package. Enjoy your trip

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I'm so happy to see that glowing review of Gamewatchers above! Our safari with them is happening in August after being delayed two years at this point, so I can't yet speak to my experience on the ground, but can say they have been lovely to deal with so far. I have literally been communicating with them for over 3 years at this point and have always gotten a very quick response, answers to all of my zillions of questions, help determining our itinerary which can be completely customized, etc. I can't wait for the actual trip but based on my experience with them so far, would highly recommend checking them out.

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The Serengeti is amazing but you can probably find cheaper and more authentic safaris in Bostwana, Namibia and South Africa and then you can also tour around a bit for a fraction of the cost!