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Any suggestions on what clothes to bring to Africa in late August through early September? We will be on a tour in Cape Town, on Safari in S. Africa, and to the North at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Any other suggestions, ideas, hints, etc., as we will have 1 day in Cape Town on our own before the tour starts.


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Regular clothes work fine -- no need for safari/bush gear. If you have both jeans and shorts, you'll be switching around. Take a rain jacket with something to put under it since it'll get nippy at night. Cape Town is pretty informal. Except for J'burg, the rest of the area even more so.

Take a good flashlight. You'll want it walking around in the bush camps at night. Mambas and cobras won't bother you if you don't step on them. Spiders, especially sacs can be a problem. If you get bitten, don't blow it off. When you take the treatment, don't count on getting very far from a toilette for a couple of days.

The only other critter that will give a rat's tail about you are elephants, and then only if you stick yourself between them and where they want to go.

If you ever see a leopard out of a tree, tie a ribbon on his tail and send me the coordinates.

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regular clothing can work mostly bring in same jeans tour clothes same rain jackets in case it gets rainy