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What do the adapters in Israel look like? It's my understanding there are many different looking outlets depending on the age of the building. We will be all over Israel.

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I used my standard two round prong European adapters and had no problem.

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Lived in Tel Aviv for the past 2 yrs and all sockets I saw around the country were EU style. As previous reply said, the 2 round prongs which is called "type C."

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If you are using a two-pronged plug, the same two prong adapters that work in "southern Europe" will work in Israel. Here is an example: Rick also sells these here:

If you need a three-pronged adapter, those are unique to Israel:

I'm not sure about "many" different types of outlets; my internet reading identified two, and the three prong plug adapter I linked will work in both (the reason it has round prongs, rather than flat "blades" which would only work in one outlet style). I only had two-pronged devices, and used the same adapters I use in Continental Europe with no problems. I don't remember what the outlets actually looked like.