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Abu Simbel to Aswan tour Oct 2019

My family and I will be travelling to Egypt and we have looked at a boat tor for 3 days/4 nights. As a seasoned traveller, I have checked out one travel agent in particular "SAI safari boat tours" but I cannot really find anything beyond the website, facebook and one entry on french AirBandB. What is on those sites pretty much mirrors each other but I would really like to vet the company before committing any money. All communication has been quite professional and not asking for more than a regular deposit - I've also gave a surprise call to the company and was dealt with again in a professional manner. My question is two pronged: Does anyone have any knowledge of this company (good or bad) and any suggestions for further research on the company? Thanks for your help!

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I would ask on some other destination specific travel forums.
It isn't a region that is going to get a lot of activity in these days of reduced tourism. Most just fly for a day trip to AbuSimbel. When I did it it was 50C (122F) that day (late May). Not a green spot as far as the eye could see except for the trees planted to create an oasis for the snack bar. I learned then that sand is not my thing....I need vegetation nearby.
It is commendable to want to provide work for locals, and to take a conservation approach. But it all depends on your expectations.
Last option is to request 2 or 3 english speaking references (past travelers) from the company and actually speak to them on the phone..