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Abu Dhabi / Dubai

I'm heading to these locations for the xmas holiday's.
I'm hoping to experience some of the amazing adventures I've heard about.

Does anyone have recommendations on things to see / do.
I'll be there a total of 1 week.

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We visited Dubai for two days while on a cruise in 2015. We then flew back to the USA

We did a Seven Emirates Tour that started in the morning about 8am and didn't finish until about 2 am the next day.

I don't think this tour is offered any more, but I see a Six Emirates tour out of Dubai that is similar, except it doesn't include the magnificent mosque in Abu Dhabi.

If you are in both cities, definitely go to see the huge magnificent mosque in Abu Dhabi. It cost $2 billion dollars.

As for Dubai, if you do the Six Emirates tour, you will see much of Dubai, but not the tallest building in the World, Burj Khalifa

The Trip Advisor link may give you some ideas.

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Abu Dhabi's new, giant mosque is impressive. The specialized Abu Dhabi hospital for falcons (hawks) is unusual and interesting. But come on: If you have done some research and found "amazing adventures", you can ask specific questions and get better answers. If this is a shot in the dark, go to the destinations part of this website, do some reading, and then you will have a context for understanding whatever information is volunteered in this forum.

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you can't go to abu dhabi without seeing the grand mosque, the free tour we did was excellent, very interesting and the highlight of our time in abu dhabi and dubai. don't get too hung up on the tallest building as it was always too hazy to see very far when we were there. so looked at other things. in dubai its more about the overall experience, the modern buildings, traffic, shopping etc. unlike most places you will visit.