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A Europe Road Trip You CAN Take-from a photo I saw

Lisbon, FL, Vienna, GA, Dublin, GA, Rome, GA, Athens, GA, Florence, AL, Paris, TN, Frankfurt, KY
No closed borders or quarantines in these states

Edited to add: Troy, AL, Cairo, GA, and Oxford, AL or MS and Bristol, TN or VA.

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One could also visit Prague (pronounced PRAYg), Oklahoma!

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Almost as exciting as the “Paris street“ and “Venetian gondola ride” in the Las Vegas hotels! ; )

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Province of Ontario offers a nice selection as well.
Athens, Paris, London, Southampton, Eton-Rugby, Oxford. (clearly a strong British influence). But also Hamburg, Copenhagen, Odessa, and for the truly exotic, Alexandria, Cairo and Troy.

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Don't forget Berlin, CT! And you can also visit Versailles (although my native-CT husband tells me here it's pronounced "Ver-Sails.")

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Let's include a trip to West Africa: Monrovia, CA!

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Does New Madrid, MO count? Why go to the old one when there’s a new one around?

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And if you live in Maine, or one of the 5 northeast states allowed to enter without quarantine, you could cover a lot of territory just in that one state. For example: .

This is a signpost showing distances to Norway, Paris, Denmark, Naples, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Peru, and China.

There are over 40 places in Maine named for other countries and cities. Some more, Bath, Belfast, Moscow, Madrid, Sorrento, Rome, Limerick, and Wales.

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KC, you could also add New York, and Cambridge, MA, but they won't let most of us in.

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Alberta may have some Scottish roots. Places in Alberta named after places, people and things in Scotland:

Airdrie, Alness, Alyth, Ardmore, Ardrossan, Banff, Bankhead (ghost town), Barrhead, Blairmore, Bon Accord (Bon Accord is the motto of Aberdeen), Bonnie Doon, Bonnie Lake, Broxburn, Butedale Falls, Caldwell (ghost town), Calgary, Canmore (named for King Malcolm Canmore), Carstairs, Chisholm, Clyde, Colinton, Coutts, Craigmillar, Craigmyle, Cromdale, Dalmuir, Dunmore, Dunvegan, Eaglesham, Erskine, Ferintosh, Fort Macleod, Fort McMurray, Gartly, Halkirk, Hazeldean, Holyrood, Innisfail, Inverness River, Irvine, Islay, Kilsyth, Kirriemuir, Lenzie, Lomond (Loch Lomond), Mackenzie County, Mallaig, Mintlaw (ghost town), Mount Hector (after James Hector), Mount Lady Macdonald (after wife of John A. Macdonald), New Stirling, Pitlochrie, Scotfield, Stirling, Strathcona County, Strathcona.

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Province of Ontario offers a nice selection as well.

Right now, for Americans they might as well be on the moon.

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True, Robert, but as a Canadian, it offers me/some of us something. Heck, we can't even get to all of our other provinces and it is just as difficult (read impossible) for me to get to GA, AL, or ME. We can use it to aspire to further travel or just dream.

Athens is a 2 hour road trip from home. I wonder if they sell souvlaki?

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A quick trip of Europe through Texas:


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Here in northern CA you can get from Sebastopol to Loch Lomond and Manchester in the same afternoon.
Outside Sacramento you have your choice of Palermo, Somerset, or Lincoln.

And on the BART transit system you can get all the way from Antioch to Richmond with just one transfer.

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And did you know that Missourians pronounce it New Mad'-drid?

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A few places one can get to in a day from the Baltimore area include: Berlin (MD and PA), Alexandria, Monrovia, Lisbon, Damascus, Salisbury, and Dunkirk.

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Also, just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico is a tiny town named Madrid. Pronounced the same way as the New Madrid in Missouri. Cute little town!

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Missouri also boasts a Haiti (Hay- Tie) that will never be struck by a hurricane. Iowa also has Madrid, just down the way from Nevada Iowa

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@Mark, Don't forget there is also a Praha in Texas as well!

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hey hey
visiting my niece in kentucky passed by these towns"
versailles - as allison says, my niece kept correcting me that it's ver-sails. LOL

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Illinois has a wealth of cities and burgs.
Cairo, Athens, Canton, Crete, Havana, Panama, Paris, Rome, Venice, Padua and Geneva.
Also a few countries. Belgium, Columbia, and Palestine.