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7 Hour Layover in Keflavic

We have a 7 hour 10 min. layover from 2:15 to 9:25 in Keflavic, Iceland. Originally, I was planning the Blue Lagoon. But, the bus schedule from Keflavic doesn't leave until 15:30 and the last bus back in 18:00. With a 20 minute drive, that only gives us 2 hours at the BL. We'll spend time with the wrist band and lockers, and trying to eat and fiddle so I don't expect for ~200 USD that it's worth it for only 2 hours.
1.) Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get there without the busses? Is it a reliable mode of transportation considering we can't miss our flight home.
2.) Or, if all else fails (sadly) is there something else we can do in Keflavic besides twiddle our thumbs in the airport for SEVEN hours.

3.) Lastly, can anyone comment on how much time ahead do we need to be back for our flight? We live near a very tiny airport where 2 hours for international travel is generous and I'm wondering of 2.5-3 for Keflavic is a bit too much ahead.
I pre-ordered Rick's new Iceland book, but it doesn't come until March and I'm thinking about all these things now.
Thanks in advance.

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Jenifer, there are some other options for getting to the Blue Lagoon. Check Grayline ( They seem to have more frequent departures and later returns to the airport. And you could always take a taxi (though of course that will be more expensive; I have no idea how much).

How early you would need to get to the airport depends on where you're going and whether you have luggage to check. If you have no luggage to check and are flying to another Schengen country, 60-90 minutes would probably be plenty.

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I'm assuming that since this is just a transit stop and if you have bags that they have been through checked - and so I would think you would already have your boarding passes for the connecting flight. If that is the case, then you only need to clear security and I would think that 60 mins should be enough. Make it 90 if you want peace of mind.

KEF is a very small airport so I wouldn't want to spend 7 hours there.