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7 hour iceland layover


I will be flying through Iceland on my way to and from London. On my way back I have a 7 hour layover. I am interested in visiting the Blue Lagoon. I've been told there is a 20 minute shuttle directly from the airport to the Blue Lagoon. With time to clear customs to leave the airport, and time to get through security to return to the airport, is it worth trying to get to the lagoon for a quick-ish soak??


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Absolutely, I can't imagine spending 7 hours at that tiny airport. Google Flybus and see what their schedule is. I would consider going into Reykjavik (it's about 45 min to there from the airport) - there is much more to do there (and they have geothermal pools as well).

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You definitely have time to go for a soak in the blue lagoon and it is totally worth it. The shuttle schedule is designed precisely for people like you with a layover.

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Be sure to reserve your ticket to the Blue Lagoon well ahead of time. When we were there late last summer, we saw them turning people away who did not have time slots reserved. They seem to do a very good job controlling entry so it does not get overcrowded. I was surprised at how much we enjoyed our visit there. It was very, very relaxing.

We were on a National Geographic expedition, so we do not have experience arranging tickets and traveling to/fro the airport independently to just visit the Lagoon.........but apparently lots and lots of people do it quite successfully. And, when will you be that close again?

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Yes! Definitely go to the Blue Lagoon. It's a great place to spend a few hours waiting for your next flight.
Agree with the last poster...make a reservation as soon as you know your date and the time you will be there. They sell out.
Don't get the bottom package...get the next one up. Even though you may not use all of those services, the tour buses book the cheapest one and the line can be REALLY long to get in even if you have a reservation. If you get the next level up the line is always short and you just whiz past everyone waiting in the cheapo ($90) line!
They won't let you in early - I have tried!