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65 Transfer in Amsterdam to Chicago IL


I'm going to Chicago this summer and I'm flying from the UK to Chicago with a changeover in Amsterdam. I've booked with KLM all the way through, I won't need to go through bag drop off again or check in again. Will 65 minutes be enough? I can't really find clear information, although the only thing I could find was that I will arrive straight into the lounge at A'dam and be able to go straight to my gate (but I will have to go through passport control). Will I have to have my hand luggage searched again?

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Since it is a single ticket, they would not have booked it if they didn't you could make it. Of course, the standard comment applies - If everything is on time. Since you are transit, you should not got through passport control. That would have been done in UK and you are not entering Schengen zone by just changing planes.

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The standard advice is that if you have this as one through booking (as you have), it is the airlines problem. They wouldn't have sold you the ticket if they thought it wasn't possible, and it is their problem to get you to your final destination if you miss the connection because the first flight was late. Amsterdam (Schiphol) is one long terminal.
I have done 60 minute changes at Schiphol, no problem if you are on time, but when the first flight was 30 minutes late it was tight, The two flights were opposite ends of the terminal. I was having to run as they were calling may name, and just made it as the last person to get on.

I would not expect you to go through passport control in Schiphol. the UK is not in Schengen, so you exit the UK and stay "airside" in Amsterdam.

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You may undergo a security check somewhere along the line, and because your flight is headed to the US the airline may inspect your hand luggage at the departure lounge.

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For a US bound flight, you may very well have to go through Security/passport control, but it may be limited to the gate or a smaller section. I would just trust that the airline knew what they were doing, just do not plan on looking around much, just get to your gate.

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Make sure your luggage on check-in is tagged to ORD and also tagged short-connection (then pack what you need for the first 48 hours in your carry on). Make sure you have both your boarding passes.

Book a seat as close to the front as possible on the UK flight. Also tell the flight crew that you have a short connection - if there's room, they may be able to help you exit quickly. Ask if they can find out what your boarding gate is for the next flight. If they can't, ask someone as soon as you get off the plane and tell everyone you have a short connection. You may be lucky and your arrival and departure gates are close. But expect to speedwalk through the airport, no dawdling.