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52 Places to Go

The New York Times does an annual list of 52 places to go in the world. Typically the list is compiled by editors, reporters, and contributors.

This year they're doing something different.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global travel in unprecedented ways. We’re not yet in a position to fully comprehend its long-term effects, both deeply damaging and potentially beneficial, but travel, as we knew it, has changed.

In that vein, our 52 Places list will be different in 2021. While we can’t know what lies ahead, we can still share the places we’ve loved, and continue to inspire curiosity, open-mindedness and awe for the wider world.

That’s why we’re turning to you for next year’s list, which we are calling 52 Places We Love.

We want 52 love letters to travel, all penned and photographed by you, our readers around the world, each about one place in the world that is special to you. It can be a popular tourist destination, or a place that’s largely overlooked. You might inspire someone else to go there one day, or to reconsider their assumptions, or to spark their inquisitiveness about a new piece of the world — all the empowering things that travel brings to our lives.

Here's the article about it:

If you were going to pick one place in the world to write about, what would it be, and why? What unique perspective could you share about your pick?

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If you are an ancient history enthusiast you must visit Hampi Karnataka as it's a place full of ancient Hindu temple ruins and magnificent sculptures and monuments, attract the traveler because of their excellent workmanship. Hampi Karnataka is declared a World Heritage site. This is the place where you can explore more about Hinduism.

Hampi is amazing, went their in 2018 and sadly stopped blogging after that due to time constraint. So I would love to see Hampi and also nearby sites of Bidar, which is half day drive from Hampi. Plus I still travel a lot in Rajasthan, I would love to add Jaisalmer in this list.

Jaisalmer is a unique city, as pre India independence, all the population lived inside the Jaisalmer Fort, and the fort itself was Jaisalmer City. Even today 30-40% of Jaisalmer population lives inside the fort, making it the only Live Fort of India. And along with the fort, Jaisalmer has such a spectacular stone handicraft work done on its Jain Temples, Gadisar Lake area, and one can't even thing of not visiting Sam sand dunes, which is India's only original sand dunes area with 40-60 meter tall dunes.

So in my view, Jaisalmer has changed a lot after the COVID situation, especially because of the changes arrived in travellers life, as even I don't want to visit the busy markets and even busy tourist attractions, but I would love to visit Jaisalmer, stay in a desert camp at Sam sand dunes which are setup in a remote area, like Kanoi, Khuri etc.

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Jaisalmer is awesome, went there in 2017 myself, where we caught a train from Delhi, and it was a 18 hour long journey. So yeah, one can add Jaisalmer as one of 52 places to go after the coronavirus pandemic, and I would love to visit Phuket, as it was on my list to visit in 2020 August, and I was so excited to visit this beautiful beach destination, along with Phi Phi island and Karabi, all in Thailand.

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Lane, If I didn't know better I'd think you were peaking in my bedroom window listening to conversations I had this weekend with my wife. We were discussing what was that one special place that we can't stop talking about. For me it's London. It was an instant love affair and I felt so at home because of the friendliness of the people and a history that I didn't realize that I was so familiar with.

But I can name so many places that would be a close 2nd. Just reading Lane's question makes me think how hard it must have been for RS to decide what to include in his book For the Love of Europe.